my counselor called it "low self esteem" | 22 September 2016

Ask me
why i am like this
and I'll tell you
it was written
into my code
I was always meant
for destruction
I'm the crack in the wall
that your mother covered with
a painting.
I'm the bulb in a string of
Christmas lights that
burned too bright
and flickered and died.
I am dead batteries
and a cigarette burn
on a fleece blanket
I am the perfect little
knot in a noose,
a pen with no ink,
a composer lacking composure,
a machine with screws loose.
I am back roads covered
in carcasses and decay
and a crack of thunder
at 4AM,
but I think that's okay in
some fucked up way
because you only remember
the names of the hurricanes
that take entire cities
with them.