jake the dog (not mine)

autumn skies

and he said, "take a walk with me and we can step on the crunchy leaves."

and she said, "okay, let's go."

and they went.

and she grabbed his hand when they fell back on the grass in the park, and he held on, fingers linked, but not for the same reason. the sky was indigo, air cold, fingers cold, noses cold, eyes bright. he stared at the stars that the night revealed and she stared at the side of his head.

and he said, "do you know any constellations?"

and she doesn't, so she said, "no, do you?"

and he took her hand, told her to extend a finger. they traced ursa minor and major. he showed her where orion lived. they followed the zig zag lines of cassiopeia and he introduced her to leo. he could tell her where they were, but not what they meant.

and she said, "wow," and she whisered, "pretty," to the stars in the sky.

and he said, "yeah," to the side of her head.

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