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dying in italics

in my dreams, my casket is open. there's a gaping hole in my head. the wet, squishy tunnel through my brain leaks blood. my eyes are wide open and a stranger is reading my eulogy.  then you're in my iine of sight. you're cradling the side of my head, fingers ghosting over the edge of the exit wound. i bet your fingertips are sticky. you're saying, "goodbye goodbye goodbye. "

i'm talking too. i'm saying, "i'm sorry. i'm still here, i'm sorry i'm sorry."

you kiss my eyelids. "goodbye," you say one final time. i realize then that maybe you weren't talking to me when you were saying  goodbye. you're climbing in next to me. i thrash. you wrap your arms around me and you lay your head in the red puddle that formed beneath me.

i tell you this can't happen. i tell you to leave. i tell you that you've still got time, but i don't think you know what i mean.

the casket closes. your fingers burn my icy skin. I scream. 
Tags: brainspill, poetry, the glitch, writing
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